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Welcome to Brigantine Memorial Post 6964 
As yesterday's Defenders of Freedom, we want to welcome all Veterans, especially Today's Military Service Members, into our ranks to become part of our elite group.  Our common bond is the battlefield, whether it was service in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Persian Gulf, the War on Terrorism or Peace-Keeping Expeditionary Campaigns. Your courage and sacrifices have made a difference in preserving and defending world peace.
Our Post prides itself in helping our Veterans and their Families, Active Military Members and Our Community.  Our Post isn't the largest, but has been in service since 1960 and has consistently served our veterans and community with great pride.
Our Website was activated in February, 2020 and will be continuously updated as we receive/discover new information. Our website contains factual data, as well as current and historical information, and events. We welcome any comments or recommendations about our website’s content. You can request information, send comments, etc., by going up to the Contact Drop Down on the Main Menu and send an email. Someone will get back to you within a day.

Our Post has created a new FaceBook Page "Brigantine VFW Memorial Post 6964",  so that we can reach more Members and Guest's who want to see what our Post and Auxiliary are up too. Please feel free to visit!

We Welcome Visiting Members and their Guests, to our
"Island You'll Love for Life", whenever you are in the area. 


That the purpose of this Corporation shall be fraternal, patriotic, historical, charitable, and educational: to preserve and strengthen comradeship among its members; to assist worthy comrades; to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead; and to assist their widows and orphans; to maintain true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America, and fidelity to its Constitution and laws; to foster true patriotism; to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, and to preserve and defend the United States from all her enemies.
Our Mission

To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military and our communities. To advocate of behalf of all veterans.

Our Vision

Ensure that veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country.  

Our Core Values

- Always Put the Interests of Our Members First
- Treat Donors as Partners in Our Cause
- Promote Patriotism
- Honor Military Service
- Ensure the care of veterans and their families
- Serve Our Communities
- Respect the Diversity of Veteran Opinions


As of June 11, 2021


 Big Joe’s Friday Night Dinner Menu 


Wings $6.00
Chicken Tenders with Fries or Onion Rings $9.00
(Choice of Sauce: Buffalo, BBQ, Mango Habanero & Stingin Honey Garlic Sauce)
Basket of Fries $6.00
Basket of Onion Rings $6.00
Meatball Soup $6.00
(Chopped Veggies, Pasta, in Tomato Broth)
Caesar Salad $5.00
with Chicken Tenders $9.00
Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella $8.00
(Drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze)
(All Sandwiches accompanied with Fries or Onion Rings)
Meatball Sub with Provolone $10.00
Chicken Cutlet Sub with Provolone $10.00
(accompanied with Lettuce Tomato, Red Onion & Pesto Mayo)
Cheese Burger $10.00 (accompanied with Lettuce Tomato and Red Onion)
(Choice of American or Provolone) add Bacon $2.00
Dinner Entrees
(accompanied with Garlic Bread and topped off with Parmesan Cheese) Spaghetti Bolognese $13.00 Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti $13.00 Ask your server "What’s for dessert?” 


Veterans Benefits Newsletter 

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 Click Here to Read the Latest VFW Action Corps Weekly



The American Rescue Plan has some important provisions for veterans. They include:
  • Ensuring veterans will not have any copays or cost-sharing for preventative treatment or services related to COVID-19 going back to April 2020 and authorizes the VA to reimburse those veterans who already submitted payments for their care during this period.
  • More than $14.5 billion for VA to provide health care services and other related supports – including suicide prevention, Women’s health services, telehealth expansion, medical facility improvements – to eligible veterans and allows up to $4 billion in spending for the Veterans Community Care Program.
  • Nearly $400 million for up to 12 months of retraining assistance for veterans who are unemployed as a result of the pandemic and do not have access to other veteran education benefits. This funding covers the cost of the rapid retraining program as well as a housing allowance for enrolled veterans.
  • $272 million for the VA to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the benefits claims and appeals backlog. And emergency paid sick leave for VA’s frontline and essential health workers.
VA COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
  • Veteran FAQs for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution:
  • Currently, vaccines are available to those who are in Phase 1A which includes paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials as well as residents and staff of long-term congregate settings. Vaccines are also available to police and fire personnel. Once vaccine availability expands, vaccination will advance to Phase 1B, then Phase 1C, and then Phase 2. Currently, Phase 1B of vaccination will include frontline essential workers and individuals over 75; Phase 1C will include other essential workers, adults 65-74, and persons aged 16-64 with medical conditions that increase the risk for severe COVID-19. Following these phases, the general public (Phase 2) will be eligible for vaccination. It is recommended that Veterans also sign up for the State’s civilian portal. Veterans then may have the option to receive a vaccine via the VA or through State distribution. Please sign up to be alerted when they are eligible to receive the vaccine through
  • VA vaccination has expanded to Veterans aged 50–65 with first tier high risk conditions. VA patient lists sort by these conditions so they can identify the patient and call them. If a Veteran has a question about their condition, they should contact their PACT provider to discuss.
  • The VA has developed a COVID-19 Vaccine information page with updated information which you can find here VA COVID vaccines
  • Due to the necessary colder temperatures required for the Pfizer vaccine being distributed by the VA, they are only being distributed at VA Medical Centers and currently not Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs).

The VFW is hosting two Homeless Veteran Stand Downs

Glassboro VFW Post 679 April 9th 10 to 2 Click HERE for flyer
Cranford VFW Post 335 April 21 10 to 2 Click HERE for flyer

Commanders and Quartermasters, please ensure the following reports are in by April 30th:

Trustee of Audit Reports
Post Inspections
Community Activity Reports
Election Reports (Quartermasters-please ensure the correct postal and email addresses are on the reports) Please file election reports on OMS.
All of the reports can be found on our website HERE

Get your Buddy Poppy orders in ASAP. The form can be found in our website.

State Convention: June 16 to 19. The Days Inn is full and cannot accept further reservations. Registration and delegate forms will go out April 1st.

National Convention: July 31 to Aug 5 Baltimore MD. Room registration is open on vfw.org

Mail service at the State HQ is non-existent, please send all mail to:

Ken Hagemann
140 Bass Rd
Tuckerton NJ 08087

Thank you



Covid-19 Inoculations

Attention Veterans! The VA is starting to accept all Veteransregardless of age, for Covid-19 inoculations. To schedule an appointment, call either the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, at 215-823-4014, or the Wilmington VAMCat  302-633-5200


The Officers and Members would like to welcome new member Julie Brouse, to our Post.  Julie served in the Navy, aboard an aircraft carrier, during the Iraq-Afghanistan conflicts. Make sure to welcome Julie, when you see her.


 Veterans Benefits Newsletter | March 2021







I'm Vaccinated. What's Next?

A Veteran receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

What you can do to protect others

So, you received your second COVID-19 vaccine dose. What's next? Until vaccines are widely distributed, here are four ways to stay informed and keep yourself and others safe. Learn more.

A Veteran having an annual eye exam

Diabetes and Your Vision

Did you know regular eye exams are a critical part of self-care for diabetics? It's important to know how diabetic retinopathy happens, its symptoms, and how to prevent it. Learn more.

A Veteran and partner reviewing My HealtheVet's VA Blue Button feature

Get Your VA Medical Records Anytime

Before your next appointment, you can be better prepared to talk with your doctor. In this YouTube video, learn more about what VA Blue Button can do for you. Learn more.

Veterans exercising at their VA medical center

Achieve Your Healthy Weight

There's no perfect weight for everyone. But there's a weight that's healthiest for you. Adopting healthy habits will serve your well-being better than any number on the scale. Learn more.

A Veteran using VA Video Connect to talk to their doctor about blood pressure

Blood Pressure: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

It's important to have a good relationship with your doctor. When you talk to them about your blood pressure, these questions can help you stay on track. Learn more.

A Veterans reviewing apps on the VA app store

Five Apps We Know You'll Love

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes regular sleep, managing stress, and finding time to refocus is harder than it seems. Here are five apps we think can help. Learn more.

A Veteran getting information about the Airborne Hazards and Burn Pit Registry

Airborne Hazards and Burn Pit Information 

Joining the VA Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry can help you learn more about your health and get connected to care. Learn more.

A doctor walking a patient through their numbers

What is Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation, or 'AFib,' is a common abnormality that affects millions of people. Living a heart-healthy lifestyle can lower your chances of problems. Learn more.

A Veteran showing a fellow Veteran information about the Great American Spit Out

Ditch the Dip

Taking steps to leave tobacco behind may seem daunting. But small changes you make today can add up over time and help you quit for good. Learn more.

Learn about continued debt relief options for Veterans

If you are new to My HealtheVet, be sure to upgrade your account so you can use all these great features. Upgrade today!



Hot off the press:

Bladder Cancer, Hypothyroidism and Parkinson’s Like Symptoms

were just got added to the AGENT ORANGE list!!





If any New Jersey Veteran needs assistance with Benefits, Compensation or other benefits that the VA offers, please call 862-588-6130.

Assistance provided by a VFW Certified and VA Accredited Service Officer.


Post Hours

Brigantine Memorial Post is Now Open daily from 11 AM, for our Members and their Guests.  We have resumed our Friday Night Dinners, which are Open To The Public, and Saturday Night Hamburger Platters. As of this date, we have discontinued Saturday Night Hamburger Platters.Sunday Morning Breakfast Sandwiches. 


We have Indoor seating for our Members and their Guests.  We will be following all Social Distancing Regulations Between Individuals and Groups.  



Healthy Habits to Prevent the Flu


The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year, but practicing healthy habits can also help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu.

Here are a few steps to protect yourself from the flu:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. If possible, stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • Wash your hands often. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are often spread when you touch something that is contaminated and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Get care now!


If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, turn to us for a prompt diagnosis and comprehensive care. VISN 4 Tele Urgent Care allows you to connect virtually to a VA health care provider privately and securely over phone or using VA Video Connect.









Join us as brothers and sisters of America to preserve the rights of veterans and support each other as only those who share in the camaraderie forged by conflict can. 


Our programs support our service members while they are on the front line, as they are being discharged and long after they return. Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to the VFW programs where your support is most urgently needed.

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Membership Details

As yesterday's defenders of freedom...

 ...we want to welcome today's military service members into our ranks to become part of our elite group.

WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Kosovo, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, War on Global Terror and other Peace-Keeping Expeditionary Campaigns throughout the globe.

Assistance & Benefits

Assistance & Benefits

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is dedicated

 to supporting those who sacrifice so much for this country, veterans, service members in the US Armed Forces, and their families and continues to be a voice for returning and currently deployed service members and their families.